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Cricut Design Space: How To Get Started (For Beginners)

Pinterest Not sure how to get started with your Cricut? Feeling overwhelmed? This guide shows you how to install Cricut Design Space and get started with your first project, with instructions and screenshots for each step. Cricuts are amazing! But if you haven’t used one before, or you’re not techie, then it can all feel […]

Cricut Design Space Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

Pinterest Want to make the most of your Cricut cutting machine? These Cricut Design Space tutorials, tips & tricks will help you make things faster, easier, and more fun! The Cricut cutting machine is as amazing as it is because of Cricut Design Space, the free app that makes the magic happen. And while Cricut […]

How to Slice in Cricut Design Space

Today we’ll be exploring a key feature in Cricut Design Space—the Slice tool. This dynamic feature enables you to create new shapes, remove parts of an image, or cut text out of a shape. In other words, it allows you to ‘slice’ one image out of another. Let’s get into the specifics of how to […]

How to Use Flatten in Cricut Design Space

Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at another essential tool in the Cricut Design Space – the Flatten tool. This feature might seem simple, but it plays a significant role in enhancing your design process. It helps transform multi-layered images into a single layer print image, essential for print and cut projects. In […]

How to Weld Text and Images in Cricut Design Space

Today, we’re focusing on another powerful feature in Cricut Design Space—the Weld tool. This tool, when harnessed correctly, can transform your crafting experience, creating seamless and original designs from separate elements. In this in-depth guide, we’ll delve into how you can use the Weld tool to unify text and images in Cricut Design Space. Understanding […]

How to Use Attach in Cricut Design Space

Welcome, craft enthusiasts! Today we delve into a feature that’s fundamental to your Cricut Design Space journey—the Attach tool. This feature allows you to maintain the spatial relationship of your design elements, keeping them in place during the cutting process. It’s a powerful tool that, when mastered, can enhance your creative projects tremendously. Let’s explore […]

How to Use Contour in Cricut Design Space

The world of Cricut Design Space is one of infinite creative possibilities, especially when you start diving into its more advanced features. One such feature that can really enhance your crafting experience is the Contour tool. This powerful yet easy-to-use tool allows you to hide or reveal portions of your image, making it perfect for […]

How I Discovered A “Cheat Code” For My Cricut (And Made All My Friends Jealous!)

If you’re a proud owner of a Cricut machine, you’re familiar with the promise of endless creativity it holds. It’s like a key, ready to unlock a world of personalized crafts, intricate designs, and DIY projects.  But as many Cricut owners discover, there’s a hurdle to cross before reaching that crafting paradise – the app […]