Are you ready to finally get to grips with Design Space and conquer your Cricut?

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Are you struggling to figure out Design Space? Does it all feel overwhelming?

What if there was a way to organize your cut files so that you could easily find them…AND know who designed them…AND what type of license you had?

That’s why I created Cut File Clean Up!

In The Design Space Ultimate Guide, I'll personally walk you through...

Let's Get Crafting Together!

Hi, I'm Caity!

I’m the creative mind behind the website and cut file shop Hey, Let’s Make Stuff. I love inspiring more than seven million crafters a year to make their lives more fun with Cricut and Glowforge crafts, SVG downloads, and simple DIY tutorials.

I’m also mildly (okay TOTALLY) obsessed with decluttering and organization! I’ve been using my cut file organization method for years and it’s been a game changer.

So after hearing so many of my readers grumble about how hard it is to stay organized (you’re not wrong, my friend!), I decided to create Cut File Clean Up!

My goal is to help you get digitally organized so crafting with your cutting machine is even more fun!

What's in the Design Space For Desktop eBook?



I personally walk you through my method to take your files from hot mess to totally organized!



Magic File is my organization file system—just drag and drop and start organizing in pre-made themed folders!



Keep track of the cut file designers and marketplaces you’ve used using this handy printable Resource
Key PDF.



Magic File is my organization file system—just drag and drop and start organizing in pre-made themed folders!



Magic File is my organization file system—just drag and drop and start organizing in pre-made themed folders!



Keep track of the cut file designers and marketplaces you’ve used using this handy printable Resource
Key PDF.




You’ll also get access to over 45 videos that show you how to use all of the features in Design Space. So if you want to check how to do something in real time, these videos will show you exactly how.




Kerning. Opacity. Weld. If you’re wondering what these words mean then you’re not alone. It can be hard to know what people are talking about sometimes. The good news is this Cricut Glossary has definitions for over 250 words that you’ll encounter day to day. So if you’re ever confused you can easily look them up.




One of the best ways to reduce the time it takes to actually make a project is by using Keyboard Shortcuts, which make edits and actions in Design Space so much quicker. With this handy little guide you can easily learn the different shortcuts and soon you’ll be crafting like a pro!




Have you ever tried making a project, only to find that the instruction skipped important steps, leaving you stuck? We know how frustrating that can be. That’s why we’ve made 3 tutorials that are designed for absolute beginners. Each tutorial walks you through every step, start to finish, so anyone can follow along. By the end you’ll have made an awesome iron-on T-shirt, greeting card and personalized mug!

Who is Design Space For Desktop for?

This book is for ANYONE who wants to get to grips with Design Space and finally learn how to use their Cricut to make amazing projects!
Cutting Machine Crafters of All Levels: If you have a Cricut, Silhouette, Glowforge, or other electronic cutting machine, organizing your cut files is a must! Spend less time searching for your files and more time crafting and creating with Cut File Clean Up.
SVG Designers & Shop Owners: If you’ve ever struggled to keep your files organized for your Etsy or other digital shop, Cut File Clean Up and Magic File will make organizing your files effortless so you can spend more time designing and making money!
File Hoarders: Okay, I know you’re out there! I also love collecting cut files for my crafting—both downloading every free file I can get my hands on, as well as buying from my favorite shops. If this is you—Cut File Clean Up will help you declutter and restore order to your computer!

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  1. Very helpful and asy to understand

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  2. I’m a slow learner and sometimes find the youtube videos are too fast to keep up with. This is perfect because I can follow along at my own pace.

    (3) (0)
  3. this handy guide has been very useful in helping me to avoid getting stuck like I always used to.

    (0) (0)
  4. This guide has given me the confidence to finally use my cricut, and I’m so glad that I did. I made a special dinosaur birthday card for me grandson last week and he loved it!

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  5. This is a great reference guide for whenever I get stuck. Love it!

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FAQs about Design Space For Desktop

What if I'm not tech savvy?

No problem! I walk you through all of the tech surrounding how to name and organize your cut files, plus give you Magic File, which creates all of your file folders automatically!

When does this start?

You’ll get instant access to Cut File Clean Up, delivered right to your inbox! You can dive in right away or save it until you have some spare time. Though I am 100% in favor of getting organized sooner rather than later!

How long does it take to work through?

The video walkthrough and resource guides take about 30 minutes to complete (perfect if you’re short on time!!). Organizing your own files, however, will vary based on the number of files you have and how quickly you work.

How do I install the Magic File?

The Magic File is delivered in a zip. You’ll unzip the file and drag and drop the folders and subfolders wherever you’d like to keep your cut files on your computer.

Can I use the Magic File with cloud storage?

Yes, with the caveat that you will need to access these cloud storage options through the file sync feature in your file browser (ex: Dropbox SmartSync, Box Sync, Microsoft One Drive, etc.) and not the web browser. Magic File will not upload properly to your cloud storage software via a web browser.

Can I add or delete files in the Magic File?

Yes! The Magic File is fully customizable. Delete folders you don’t need and add any that you’d like. It’s designed to be modified for your unique collection of cut files.

Does this work for other file types?

While the course is specifically for SVG and other cut files for Cricut, Silhouette, and other cutting machines, it absolutely works for anything you want to file by theme, including printables, clip art, mock ups, stock photos, and more!

Can I use the cut files to make projects to sell?

Totally! You can make up to 500 physical projects total using the files included in this package.

Can I get a refund?

Yes! If you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase then you can get a full refund, no questions asked. 

Stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by Design Space. Learn how to use it properly and start creating all kinds of projects! Grab the Design Space For Desktop eBook today!

One more time, here’s what you’ll get:


Regular Price $49!



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