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4.9/5 (719 Reviews)

Infrared Sauna Blanket V2

“I’m addicted. I get the same feeling as a normal infrared sauna – and it fits on my bed” – Julene C


4 interest-free installments or from $45.04/mo with
Get the benefits of infrared saunas from the comfort of your own home – at a fraction of the cost.
30 Day Risk-Free Trial
Try your sauna with peace of mind.
Current delivery time
3-8 day delivery time across US

Type of Infrared: FAR infrared
Size of Blanket: 180cm long, max height recommended is 196cm
Maximum Weight Capacity: 150kg
Materials: PU leather exterior, waterproof inside & non-toxic fabrics
Electrical Certification: CE approved

1x infared sauna blanket
1x controller
1x sauna carry bag

Current delivery time is 3-8 days in the US.

How Do You Clean The Blanket?
Cleaning is as simple as cleaning your yoga mat. Lay the blanket out flat and wipe down with a towel to remove the sweat. We then recommend spraying with a natural cleaning spray.

How Does MiHIGH Differ From A Regular Infrared Sauna?
Your MiHIGH blanket uses the same heating technology as an infrared sauna, emitting far infrared wavelengths. The experience is much the same, but sauna while lying down instead of sitting up in a traditional box sauna.

“You always feel great afterwards”
“Brings the sauna to you at a fraction of the cost”
4.9/5 (719 Reviews)

Based on 672 reviews

“How to burn up to 600 calories without moving”
“Who wouldn’t want one of these?”

Enjoy 6 Benefits From Just One Session In Your Infrared Sauna Blanket

There’s a reason that infrared saunas are becoming more and more popular. FAR infrared heat has been proven for its wide range of benefits, all in just one treatment.

See How Easy It Is To Get Your Sauna High From The Comfort Of Your Home

It’s Never Been Easier To Sauna - Here’s How To Use Your MiHIGH

1. Lay it out

Take your MiHIGH out of its carry bag and roll onto a comfortable surface like your bed.

Use the handheld controller to start heating your blanket.

2. Enjoy The Heat

Spend 30-60 mins relaxing inside your blanket.

Let the FAR infrared heat penetrate your skin and deliver the benefits of infrared saunas.

3. Clean & Feel The Post-Sauna High

Cleaning the MiHIGH takes 30 seconds – wipe down the waterproof inside with a cloth & spray, and its good to go.

Enjoy the post-sauna high and take on the day (or a blissful sleep).

What The Media Thinks Of MiHIGH

“MiHIGH uses invisible wavelengths of light to create warmth, credited with boosting circulation and calorie burn. Who wouldn’t want one?”

“The benefits of an infrared sauna are manyfold. MiHIGH’s innovative Infrared Sauna Blanket brings the sauna into your own home.”

“You can now get the detoxifying, calorie burning and soothing health benefits of a sauna from the comfort of your own home.”

The Science Of Your New Infrared Sauna Blanket

Our blankets are built with layers of infrared heating and toxin-free fabrics to give you the ultimate detox without having to leave your own home.

The Preferred Sauna Blanket For The UFC, Professional Athletes & Sporting Organisations

“I wanted to try MiHIGH is because it is all inclusive for recovery, cutting weight and inflammation. Infrared is the new hot thing for recovery.”

Sophia Magana

MMA Athlete

“The MiHIGH sauna blanket provides me the same benefits as a sit down infrared sauna, but in the portability of a blanket. When I’m on the road and stressed, I use my MiHIGH sauna blanket to help with my muscle recovery, help me lose weight and relax me before heading to bed every night.”

Michael Chiesa


Enhance Your Sauna Experience 
& Clean Your Blanket With Ease

Add an Experience Kit to your order to level up your infrared sauna session.
  • 1x sweat absorbing towel insert to use inside the blanket
  • 3x microfibre towels
  • 1x spray bottle
  • 1x headband

See Why Thousands Choose A Sauna Blanket Over Box Sauna

Compare the differences of an infrared sauna blanket vs. a traditional box infrared sauna.

Box Sauna



Portable Design
Zero Installation
Easy Storage

Lay Down & Relax

30-Day Guarantee

What’s included?

Infrared sauna blanket

Fold out box

Carry Bag

General Questions

The MiHIGH infrared sauna blanket uses far infrared heat – which is the best wavelength for a sauna.

Yes! Our blankets have been made specifically with low EMF heating.

The MiHIGH blanket uses the same infrared technology, but in blanket format.


The blanket is completely waterproof, so the sweat wipes away with ease.

Simply combine water and some tea tree oil to make your own natural anti-bacterial cocktail. Or use a natural clean wipe.

Wipe down the blanket and let it dry before folding it away. Takes 2 minutes.

“I Get A Sauna High 3x A Week... Without Leaving My House. Where Has MiHIGH Been All My Life!”

Try a MiHIGH for yourself, risk free. Not for you after 30 days? We’ll refund your entire purchase, no questions asked.
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